Turn your App Store listing into a landing page

#4 Product of the WeekOctober 16, 2014
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Super simple. Created a page for the Product Hunt iOS app in 5 seconds.
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@rrhoover GEEZ You're fast at this!
@rrhoover interesting thing about it - it solves / helps with a serious problem - no eyes on the funnel in the most important phase - the product page itself. All stats are to remain in the hands of the different App stores. We have developed something in-house to help us generate A/B tests for Play Store page conversion.
I've created a lot of iOS apps over the years, and found creating landing pages for each app incredibly repetitive. I always put a lot of effort into screenshots and descriptions for my App Store listing, so I made this site to extract all that juicy content and put it on a page that's a little more appealing and flexible than the iTunes Preview site.
@nateparrott pretty smart idea. Up next : charging for themes?
@nateparrott well sone sir... you win the internet today in my book
@nateparrott awesome. Think I'll do this for my app right now lol
@chrismessina @nateparrott That's exactly what we do at Appsites. :)
I came across Nate Parrot's goal to make 10 products in 10 days! I've been working on Intern For A Day ( where companies/interns meetup to actually work with each other rather than impersonal job interviews/resumés. I live life by the credo of learning by doing and I do that my learning something new everyday! And that's what Nate Parrot is doing too! He's just going "SCREW IT! I'm doing this!" and learning hugely along the way by building something new everyday! And it blows my mind! So far he's done 3 products in 3 days so far which I'll be posting to Product Hunt all today. And I'll continue to post the next 7 over the next 7 days! Stay Tuned for more hunts!
@erikfinman I need to meet this nick parrot ;)
@nateparrott @erikfinman Fixed! Got it right the first time I said it though lol!
@nateparrott I'm glad you posted. I got tied up with the Salesforce hackathon. @blaurenceclark and I need to hurry up and integrate with your app!
@bramk @nateparrott Man this Appsites is way too much trouble :P
@emablekos @bramk @nateparrott How so? Copy and paste and click Publish.
Looks pretty similar to :)