AppSight 2.0

Discover what SDKs mobile apps use πŸ“± shows what SDKs iOS and Android mobile apps use. It also shows the deep links apps have registered and which apps are deep linking to which other apps. Follow apps and SDKs. Get email alerts when mobile apps adds/deletes SDKs or when an SDK adds/loses apps or when the deep links change.

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@erictwillis Thanks for featuring AppSight! We aim to open this service up as a free resource so mobile app or SDK devs can make better decisions when building their wares. This is our use case: 1. SDK devs - We have many open-source and non-open-source SDK devs who use us to determine which apps are using their SDKs in real-time 2. Mobile devs - Many mobile devs use us to figure out which SDKs to use when they do not want to roll their own. We tell them which SDKs are mature or unique in their functionality and or used by major apps (a sign of stability). Mobile devs can also follow their competitiors where SDK addition/deletions may signal future roadmap changes (For example, we spotts Uber un-instally AliPay SDK before they announced they are going to leave China) 3. Investors - Investors use us to figure out if an SDK company they are doing due diligence on is gaining or losing market share overall and which categories or apps they are losing/gaining share.
@waikitlau @appsight_mike Appsight is a great product, thanks for it !!! It has been very useful for me to know which SDK are using certain apps. One question for you guys. How you select which apps are on the website? I tried to find ways to request it or something like that without any luck 😒
@waikitlau @vkt0r Hey Victor - for now just shoot us a link or names of apps or SDKs you want to add (via the help link on the site). We'll be adding a form to the site for easy submission in the future.