Apps in Sunrise Calendar

Connect to your favorite apps directly in Sunrise

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This is genius (disclaimer: I'm already a Sunrise fanboy). As @romaindillet mentions in the TC article, Sunrise is starting with apps from Evernote, GitHub, Songkick, TripIt and Asana. @jeremylv - what other apps or use cases are you guys planning? Spill the beans! :)
Thanks @rrhoover! We essentially have plans to integrate anything you can think of that has a date on it, more of this coming soon!
Sounds like a challenge! Ideas, PH folks? Maybe product launches? We're working on an API now. ;)
I recently replaced Fantastical on my iPhone with Sunrise. I'm on the bus! Thanks, Ryan. How about an integration with an app like Slice for package tracking? There are other to-do apps already included, but Omnifocus integration would also be killer.
Meetup would be interesting. Buffer, Timehop,, Dark Sky. Mailchimp.