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A directory of apprenticeships in the tech industry.
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Frances Coronel
Software Engineer at Slack
Hey folks! I'm Frances, one of the two creators of πŸ‘‹πŸ½ So a few years ago, I was starting to notice this trend of apprenticeships being offered in the Bay Area and beyond. Apprenticeships are usually six-month, paid opportunities to work on real projects, learn alongside a mentor, and develop skills to convert into full-time. 🧠 These apprenticeship programs are not internships but they also aren't full-time roles. Instead, they cater to a newer audience we've begun seeing a lot of in the tech industry which is the bootcamp grad or those with non-traditional backgrounds breaking into tech. πŸ’› These apprenticeship programs offer folks who have the hunger and drive without the pedigree the opportunity to not just break into the tech industry but flourish. πŸŽ“ Nowadays, many notable tech companies are either piloting or have already created these apprenticeship programs to diversify their pipeline and broaden recruitment efforts to those with non-traditional backgrounds. πŸ’Ό Ergo, in March of 2017, I decided to start this very simple Markdown list of apprenticeships I knew existed and I published it on GitHub. Since then, it's been an organic effort with folks adding more opportunities to the list until Benjamin and I connected last year through GitHub and decided to work in our very brief free time to make it a full-on website. πŸ“ And that is why I'm so excited to share with you the first iteration of - a website directory dedicated to sharing these apprenticeship opportunities in the tech industry. 🌱 It's completely open source with the code hosted on GitHub so there are fewer barriers to access when it comes to adding new apprenticeships. 🌐 Feel free to provide feedback or open an issue yourself through GitHub. 😸
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@fvc Wow, really thank you for that one ! I was looking for resources on that topic recently, and that one is perfect.
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