Apply To Date

Your own Bachelor(ette) page where people apply to date you


Create your own page where anyone can apply to date you. Post it to Tinder, Facebook, etc. Perfect to find that last minute wedding date.

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Joyce Yan
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  • Calvin Chu
    Calvin ChuBusiness Development at

    Clean interface, easy sharing, and mobilizes social media creeping (not that I do such a thing...)


    None so far!

    I'm waiting for the common app version :)

    or a partnership with Pringles - where if someone rejects you, you get a coupon for being single as a Pringle.

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  • Jessica Ma
    Jessica MaCo-Founder, Remedy Health

    gorgeous interface, incredibly straightforward ux of asking someone out


    not a huge fan of the green owl

    this is the first time i've created a dating profile that feels genuine. which makes me believe that other people have the same experience. which makes me believe i won't be catfished...

    that's pretty incredible for a dating app

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  • Jesus H
    Jesus HCo-Founder, LevelUp Camps

    Simple, clean, and upfront.


    There's no discovery mode.

    It's a simplistic take at dating, bringing the process of dating to a new modern approach.

    You can like, follow, favorite, add, and connect in the current social space, why not date using that same process.

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  • Ky Krebs
    Ky KrebsCopywriter

    clean, simple design, people seem to take it seriously, seamless interface with other platforms.


    Marked I was interested in men, still seeing women, can't tell who's interested in what, not sure where people are without reading more.

    It feels like a very genuine, honest description that most people have provided for themselves. Definitely feels like this is more about getting to know people than just swiping or hooking up.

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  • Edwin Wee
    Edwin Weechief millennial officer @ stripe

    Not a messaging app—you can choose the best method of contact (Twitter, SMS, etc).


    Haven't gotten any biters yet, but I guess that's more of a me issue than an Apply To Date issue.

    Apply To Date is literally the only dating thing I've signed up with.

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  • Vartika
    VartikaFounder, Stackraft

    Nice profile book kinda thing


    How to filter spammers who contact you?

    Love the idea!

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  • Pros: 

    Easy to use interface


    None so far :)

    Crossing my fingers this works for me ;)! Thanks for the innovative idea!

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