Apple Watch

The most personal device Apple has ever created

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Erik Finman
@erikfinman · Founder of Finman Technologies
Honestly kinda disappointed about the Watch.
David McKinney
Can't wait to start building apps for this. There are going to be completely new types of user behaviour and interactions to understand, and a whole new design language and constraints to go with it. Going to be fun.
Josh Constine
@joshconstine · Writer, TechCrunch
Nothing about the Apple Watch screams "You need this!" Instant access to notifications, health tracking, and easier mobile payments are nice, but none of them make me desperate to buy it. Tech-savvy dumbwatch-wearers might dig it, but the third-party app it launches with in 2015 will have to really wow me to make me excited to pay $349 for it.
Steven Sinofsky
@stevesi · a16z
I keep thinking about how the ipod and iphone needed to be tethered to a PC to bootstrap the experience. I think this is just the beginning of a device thought-through to be wrist-first. Maybe or maybe not for everyone, but certainly just the start.
I need to play around with that dial...I'm not convinced by that interface decision at all! I would have preferred a circular touch-activated bezel around the screen, which would allow touch gestures analogous to the iPod wheel dial. Swipe your finger clockwise or counterclockwise along the bezel to zoom in/out or make selections. Furthermore this would hav… See more