Apple Watch

The most personal device Apple has ever created

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Erik Finman — Founder of Finman Technologies
Honestly kinda disappointed about the Watch.
Cecilia Stallsmith — Platform @ SlackHQ
@erikfinman What's disappointing / what would you have liked to see? (just curious!)
Erik Finman — Founder of Finman Technologies
@ceciliahaig I really wanted it to be rounded. The little dial to the side seems hard to turn when it's on my hand. The circular UI seems troublesome. And I really just wanted it to be round. The Apple Watch (wish it was iWatch) just looks like a smartwatch rather than a watch.
Thomas K. Running — Nomad, Teleport
@erikfinman And that bezel! If you pay attention the actual screen size is much smaller than the front of the watch.
Abram Dawson — Principal, SV Angel
@erikfinman Completely agree -- the Nest design (i.e., bezel as means of navigation) lends itself so well to a watch
Can't wait to start building apps for this. There are going to be completely new types of user behaviour and interactions to understand, and a whole new design language and constraints to go with it. Going to be fun.
Steven Lam — Co-Founder / Artject
@davidkmckinney Agree. I am definitely finding my Apple Watch more useful on a daily basis.
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