Apple TV Remote Stand

A walnut stand for the Apple TV remote.

#3 Product of the DayOctober 26, 2015
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@_yannbertrand Funny, same first impression here - but it's reasonably useful if Apple TV is your go-to. The price point is very fair, and realistic as well.
@jimmyamash @_yannbertrand Yes it's very beautiful for $12. Don't get many products targeted to Apple products at that price point.
Another cool product from Studio Neat. Or should we say: a neat little thing. :)
Hey folks, Dan here from Studio Neat to answer any questions of you have them!
@danprovost Hey Dan, what made you both decide that this was needed? Do you have plans for other variations of this, say for an iPhone or similar? 😃
@bentossell Hey Ben. For Tom and I, our Apple TVs ARE our TVs, so the remote is obviously important. And with this new Apple TV remote, you can turn the TV on and off, and control the volume, so for a couple of cord-cutters like us it will be the only remote we need, which is really nice. And, if past experience is any indication, these tiny Apple remotes are easily to lose track of. So we basically just wanted to create a simple "home base" for the remote, so you always know where to find it. Quite simple, really!
@bentossell Regarding other variations for other Apple products... we'll see :)
Amazing work as always guys. Keep up the awesome work!
Here is a little more info about why we made it and how are we making it: