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I'm an Apple Music user but must admit that I'm a newbie... I've not had a go to streaming service for music until recently - trying to get more into it but seems Spotify is in a lot of people's hearts. Will the intro of things like this be the key to whether Apple Music can compete or do people think it is something more drastic? @addisonmccaleb do you use this? And what is your big use-case for it :)
@bentossell I'm not really sure who this is aimed at. Bloggers maybe? Spotify are still well ahead in terms of features and services. Apple have a lot of catching up to do.
@ausonio yeah maybe bloggers and just personal sites/porfolios?
@ausonio @bentossell True, but this bodes well for Apple. One thing Spotify has always been great at is being prolific when it comes to micro-sites and integrations, e.g. their "Found Them First" site, their "Year in Music" site, and especially their partnerships with app developers. Stepping outside their walled garden and OS-level update cycle for a second to create this widget suggests that Apple might be about to follow the same strategy. I sure hope so.
@benbelser yeah it would be good to see!
@bentossell @ausonio It is within their artist marketing portal, so I think their initial target was artist promotions on their blogs and sites, but it obviously aims to compete with Spotify's embed. Beats hit the ground running with a great developer api so I am hoping this points toward Apple Music incorporating some of that philosophy and opening up their platform for developers!