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Does this mean Siri Eyes Free is dead? I would like to see more voice- and gesture-based controls in cars instead of visual- and touch-based, which detract more attention from the road.
100% agreed Adam, I'm actually really excited about this intermediate step, I think its going to curtail the possibility of many accidents. I've seen so many people driving while looking at their phones and have near misses.
I like this as a way to decouple technology from the car replacement cycle. Today, technology is built into the car, but because replacement cycles are so long, this technology becomes dated quickly. Most systems, like Microsoft's Sync, are hardly cutting edge to begin with. By relying on a phone, as the phone upgrades, the car's smart system upgrades. The way it should be. Also a great move for Apple to expand their accessory ecosystem.
According to Freakonomics, most of the danger from cell phone use *isn't* distraction from talking, whether using hands-free or not. It's taking your eyes off the road, eg to dial the number. http://freakonomics.com/2013/12/... If that's true, this won't actually make the car much safer. BUT as others have said, it'll be way better than what's out there, and attaching updates to the phone will change the "game mechanics" of the market to much faster iterations.
I honestly am not very optimistic about this product. Primarily because I see it like the still-closed Apple TV product.Will Pandora be an option for internet radio? No. Can I leverage Google Maps instead of Apple Maps? No. While I think there's potential here, I'm highly skeptical of this being a breakthrough product.