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I like things that help people make a decent looking landing page.... So many apps lack a decent landing page too which baffles me. But flip-side, if (too many) people love using a product to create landing pages then they all become really samey - which then requires the customisation. Otherwise it will end up like "Every Other Fucking Bootstrap Website, Ever" haha - loved that. IDEA: have a few tabs at the top of this landing page where users can flip between different themes you have already.... let users see it in action using your own site
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@bentossell Hi Ben, thank you so much for your feedback. I had the same problem not so long ago, landing pages are essential in building a positive, ever-lasting first impression. So the customizations are indeed really important so that each landing page will have a certain uniqueness about them, and again that is why different themes are also essential. Ben that is a fantastic idea, much appreciated! That's why I love PH so much! That feature has literally moved to the top of my todo list. Thanks mate.
@joey_tawadrous haha glad I can help... think it would be really cool
@bentossell You know I'm in such agreement that I've decided to go ahead an implement that feature with a theme or two over the bank holiday weekend (Ireland)!
Thanks Kevin for the post! Hello Product Hunters, I’m Joey Tawadrous, the Founder of AppLandr & I’m extremely excited to (re)launch AppLandr. AppLandr allows app developers to effortlessly create beautiful landing pages for all of their mobile apps with the click of a button. Once created, there are numerous customisations that can be made for each landing page through a slide out settings panel. You can customize titles, colours & backgrounds, add your own CSS and JavaScript, set up custom domains, add your social network links and much much more. Simply provide an app store URL, and explore the magic. Through AppLandr you may create unlimited landing pages through your iOS/Android Store Url, and also use your own domain, allowing your own landing page to be created with zero AppLandr branding. If you want to see more features or have any questions, I’d really appreciate your feedback! Thanks for checking AppLandr out! PS: All Product Hunters can get a 30 day free trial, just send a message via the ‘Contact us’ box on AppLandr or tweet @joeytawadrous!
@joey_tawadrous @joeytawadrous Hey Joey, cool tool thanks! Just heads up there are a few errors when I was testing: Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /home/applandr/public_html/utils/Modals.php on line 356 Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference in /home/applandr/public_html/utils/Modals.php on line 374
@aric_boyles @joeytawadrous Hello Aric, yes just reinstalled my server and didn't get around to updating my server warning settings! Thanks for the head up bud. Please check back in about 30 minutes, it will be gone.
Idea is absolutely spot on but design could do with some work. Add different themes to match the "personality" of different types of app, like games, fun, personal, business, etc. And spend a shit tonne of time getting those designs to look incredible. Making it really fucking good once makes it really fucking good for a lot of people. And then remove some of the style customization options. If they wanted to customize every single thing they'd just use a template and/or build it themselves. People that are using your service clearly don't have the time or skills to do it themselves. Last thing they want to be doing is endlessly adjusting options. They want to put in their iTunes link, set their primary and secondary colors and blamo! they've got a slick landing page ready to go. I'd sign up in a heart beat if you had these three things. And I think a lot of others would too. Again, great idea tho. Really great.
@joshuapinter Hello Joshua, thank you so much for your feedback. You really hit the nail on the head, definitely one the best feedback comments so far! You idea for theme 'personalities' is absolutely brilliant, I'm on it :) "Making it really fucking good once makes it really fucking good for a lot of people. " - I really love this. And I will push the boundaries on my design abilities on the next few landing page themes I release. Thanks a million for that Josh, really appreciate it bro.
@joey_tawadrous Anytime man! Glad you took that in a constructive way. Could go either way. :) Just subscribed so I can keep tabs on your updates. Can't wait to use it.
@joshuapinter I could never knock such useful feedback! You've done nothing but give me another massive boost in motivation! :)
@joey_tawadrous Im trying to use your app, but it won't let me customize the front screen screenshot. Been trying to do it for like 20 min.... Thought it was supposed to be easy :/
Would love to see this as a Jekyll theme.
@eonpilot Eon I have added that idea to my list. :) It would be great if you could get some more of your friends to agree with you and comment here... would drive that idea up my todo list :)
@eonpilot Very interesting. Explains the entire idea behind Jeckyll, and has quite a lot of feedback from it's userbase! You make a convincing argument, Eon ;)
@joey_tawadrous The thing is, it takes 30 sec to setup a jekyll website:
But there are no cool themes yet. There is a huge market here. Id gladly pay 100$ for an awesome Jekyll app landing theme in the same style you built here.
@eonpilot You are absolutely right. Strange as Jekyll has been around a while and has some obvious advantages over Wordpress. You would think that there would be more themes, mind you I've just done a quick Google search but I didn't find very many! Your agreeing so to pay $100 as soon as I do? ;)
Good concept but the demo page at is not attractive - too wordy and an uninspiring page layout. I'd like to see a drag-and-drop interface and an analytics backend so AppLandr can be an alternative to using Launchrock
@sajclarke Hello Shannon, thank you so much for your feedback. I understand what you mean, there are quite a lot of different kinds of minimal designs out there, and with all the different 'design inspiration' submissions on Product Hunt, it has never been easier to find aesthetically pleasing designs & layouts. My number one priority is to add many custom themes to AppLandr. I have already created a mockup for 2 themes and will begin creating them immediately. I hope they will be to your liking. As regards the analytics, that is an absolutely fantastic idea Shannon. Added that to my list. I would love if you explained further what kinds of analytics would suit you in particular? Also the drag and drop interface idea is great too, and while I do have plans for integrating element blocks in landing pages, that is not at the top of my todo list at the moment. Thanks a million for the suggestions, Shannon!
@joey_tawadrous Basic analytics on call-to-action buttons as well as tracking the number of users who visit the page (and maybe sources where they came from) would be a great start. You can also look at the analytics provided by LaunchRock for further inspiration
@sajclarke Excellent ideas for the analytics. I actually have a launch rock from years ago, I'll be sure to check out what they do for ideas. However most types of analytics that would be useful are fairly obvious! So not much market research there! :) Thanks for the suggestion again Shannon!
@sajclarke I had the exact same impression.
@joshuapinter @sajclarke Thanks for your feedback! Are there any other features in particular that you would like to see on AppLandr? Any feedback greatly appreciated!