Introducing AppFollow 5.0!
All-in-one service to win in app stores: sentiment reviews analysis, competitive analysis, keywords research, ASO analytics, reply to reviews tool, integration with Jira, Salesforce, Telegram and more!
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Hello Product Hunt! Thanks, Raz for hunting us :) I’m Anatoly, CEO of AppFollow. We worked really hard to launch this update and here it is! AppFollow 5.0 makes it easier and faster for you to manage your app, user reviews and search for growth opportunities. So what’s in AppFollow 5.0? 💬 User feedback tools to identify users problems in seconds; 🤔 Sentiment reviews analysis; 📈 Full-featured App Store Optimization (ASO) tools with ASO analytics and advanced keyword research; 📱 Competitive analysis for mobile apps from any app stores; 💻 Integrations with Jira, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams bot, Telegram bot, Zendesk native app For all PH community, there is a discount: 10% off for new users. Sign up and try all the premium features for 10 days for free. All the feedback is appreciated! Cheers, Anatoly
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@sharifulin Just discover your fantastic product. It might not be a priority but being in Paris, I was automatically redirected toward the french version. The translation could seriously be perfected. Maybe I'm some sort of a maniac but it kind of annoyed me very quickly and jumped to the original page only to surprisling discover the gap between the copywriting between the two languages. When your team have some time, you should hire a better translator who know a little about startup, marketing et growth. To be clear, I'm not making any self promotion here. I'm just a marketer not a translator. Have a nice day.
@julien_charonne Hi Julien, thanks for your feedback, we'll definitely fix this issue. Thanks again!
Im using AppFollow for over 3 yrs now and most useful features for me are: answer to reviews, ASO tools and instant notifications to Slack about new Reviews. Ah, also, im watching few competitors too :)
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@quser that means the world to us!
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@quser Thanks a lot!
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I started using AppFollow around 5 years, absolutely amazing progress so far, every major update is repeatedly a big deal. The progress in there ASO is really great, yet lots to come.
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@fgbytes thanks Paul! Great to hear you find it useful. There is more to come for sure, we are launching new major features before the end of the year, so stay tuned :)
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@fgbytes We do our best to help you :)) Thanks a lot for the feedback!
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Have used AppFollow in the past. Great work on the updates, keep it up!
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@daniil_kopilevych thanks for your kind words, Daniil! Let me know if you'd like to try new features :)
long awaited update!
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@sheja indeed 😉
@sheja Sorry for keeping you waiting 😇