Reviews & updates monitor for App Store & Google Play

A tool for growing organic installs, increasing customer loyalty and monitoring app metrics.

— Receive reviews & reply to them in Slack, Zendesk, Helpshift.

— Improve your ASO

— Track app ratings, ratings, top charts in 1 place.

Choose any store you need: App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Mac App Store, Amazon App Store.

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Great team!
@jack_levin Thanks a lot, Jack! 🔥
Great idea. Would be good to make the features of AppFollow more obvious on the landing page. I was confused at what it does exactly.
@joshuapinter year, we'll do it soon. Right now we have a few landing pages: 1) Slack 2) Sales report 3) AppsFlyer
@joshuapinter what exactly confused you? We are eager to improve our site.
@tahorg To start with, "Review & Updates Monitor for App Store & Google Play" is difficult to digest as a sentence. And that's supposed to be your hook. Maybe something like "Monitor your App's Reviews and Downloads. For Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store." Might be wordy but it's way more clear about what it's going to do. Second sentence is even optional as we'd imagine it works for both platforms. Can be removed or downplayed to something like "Works with" and then list the platform logos you guys support. And then the biggest problem I had was with that first screenshot you show of your dashboard. I'm pretty in-tune with this space but I couldn't figure out what it was trying to show me. If it takes me more than 10 seconds to determine the value, I'm out. And I think others would be also. Again, great idea. I want it. Just constructive criticism so you can get your idea across better.
@joshuapinter thanks for your feedback, it's very important for us. We'll improve our product and site soon. Cheers and happy new year! 🎄🎉👍
@joshuapinter thanks a lot for the feedback. We'll do our best to improve this.
Works flawlessly so far, congrats! 👏
@_mert Hey Mert, thanks for your feedback 😻
@_mert thanks 🙏🏼 we do our best 🤓
Ah I see you don't support Mac App Store.
@ivancucer coming soon 😉
link to typeform in the Release Notes is not working :(