Track app activities in App Store & Google Play using Slack

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Thanks, Eric, for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters, I’m Anatoly, Co-Founder at AppFollow, along with @tahorg and @fxzuz. We're happy to launch AppFollow for Slack! We develop tool that help mobile developers track app activities in appstores, including new reviews, ratings, ranks, search results & so on. We deliver this information through Slack, HipChat, Telegram (coming soon) and email. Developers can track any applications meaning they can keep an eye on their on apps and as well on their competitors. This can help them know their audience, gain new ideas and — at the end — stay on top of the competition. Also our bot @appfollowbot can help developers stay updated on what is trending, top-charts & keywords suggestions for App Store and Google Play. If you want to see more features or have any questions, we’d appreciate your feedback! Thanks for checking us out!
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@sharifulin @tahorg @fxzuz congrats for your amazing work done!
@baskelos thank you David!
@sharifulin @tahorg @fxzuz @appfollowbot Super useful to monitor competitors! Good luck with your PH launch today 🚀
@mike_melanin @tahorg @fxzuz @appfollowbot Thank you, Mike! You helped us a lot.
@baskelos thanks a lot for your kind words. It's very important for us
App reviews, ranks, search result positions and updates from App Store & Google Play in real time for all team members with Slack, HipChat and Email.
Pretty useful
@libenq thank you :)
@libenq thanks)) we do our best)
I feel that more emphasis should be on the 'How it works' button on the homepage... there is nothing for a user to look at before you asking for an email address. I'd suggest making it easier and more visible/even showing how it works on the homepage. You can find AppFollow on the Slack App Directory here
@bentossell it's good point, thnx, we're going to update our landing soon.
tracking you for some time now, great product! 👏
@antoonfilatov thanks, Anton :)
@antoonfilatov thanks a lot, Anton))