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Thanks, Eric, for hunting us! Hello Product Hunters, I’m Anatoly, CEO & Co-founder at AppFollow, along with @tahorg and @fxzuz. It’s time to introduce you to our newest version of AppFollow: 2.0. Since the first launch AppFollow has been significantly improved and enhanced with new features. These are the most important improvements we’ve made: - Integrations with Slack, HipChat, Zendesk, Trello and email — all information about app changes can be delivered directly to these channels; - Reply to Google Play reviews — allows replying to user reviews directly from AppFollow; - Automatic review translation — no matter what language user speaks, integration with Google Translate erased all barriers; - Featuring notifications — Slack notifications when apps get featured in App Store; - Significantly optimized tools for tracking reviews, keywords, ranks, and more; - API — it’s possible to create customised dashboards, reports and select app data for monitoring; - Windows Store Support — initially the tool was tracking only App Store and Google Play. We want to thank our users for being active and responsive. Their feedback and requests were at the core of all these changes. If you are interested in the whole timeline of AppFollow changes, you’re welcome to our blog It’d be great to hear back from you. Share with us what you like about the updated service and what still needs to be improved. Thanks for checking us out!
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If you have questions, please let me know.
Real time monitoring for reviews, ranks, keywords, updates in App Store, Google Play & Windows Store. Powerful integrations with Slack, HipChat, Trello, Zendesk and email.
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We track in Slack reviews of 300+ apps with AppFollow. Would die doing it manually.
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@marc_ten Mark, that's the best recommendation we could have! Thanks for being with and for your support!
@marc_ten Mark, it's awesome case. Thanks for your support and feedback. Cheers!
Perfect tool, I have all-in-one: keyword monitoring in my Slack, competitors tracking via graphs and weekly e-mails (I know everything about competitors: their rankings, reviews, updates). With the latest updates (Google Play integration, for example) I get android reviews in the same time they posted and can reply to the user and solve his problem. Highly recommended tool.
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@ilia_kukharev Ilia, thanks a lot for your kind words and for your vote!
@ilia_kukharev Ilya, you're welcome! Thanks for your real useful feedback. It's very important for us.
This update is HUGE. I'm impressed 👀
@pavlo_kuznetsov Pavlo, thanks a lot for your support!
@pavlo_kuznetsov we're happy! Thanks for your feedback.