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I was lucky enough to see the first iterations of this app (Full Disclosure: I use to work for appfigures 6 months ago). However, I would have never imagined for it to come out this nice. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this, and it shows. From the app marketing page, to the tour when you first open the app, and on to the app itself, it screams attention to detail. I am happy to see this idea beautifully executed, great job guys!
@hellomrperez thanks Christian!
Yesss, finally an app for appFigures! The charts look beautiful. Big fan of their daily emails.
@robjama happy to hear that. We actually started our design for the app by thinking about how to extend the email reports without adding too much clutter :)
@imakestrides thanks Kyle! We went through a ton of iterations, glad you like the result.
Yup, same emotions here. Glad to see one of the best app stats platforms native on the iPhone. Hope they make an equally great Mac App.
@t55 thanks! We just might ;)
Super slick app, love the animations all around. Neat onboarding flow as well.
@martinhn thanks Martin! Glad you like it.
There’s a number of apps available for AppFigures, but this official client is just great. So fluid.
@nikf thanks Nik! We really love the apps that are out there but had to have our own out there as well ;)