Appfigures Explorer

Market intelligence for mobile apps

Appfigures Explorer delivers exclusive and accurate insights about millions of iOS and Android apps so you can make smarter decisions. Discover new opportunities, size up a category before building an app, monitor your competitors' performance, compare sdk popularity, and lots more!

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2 years ago I started using Appfigures and couldn't believe the amount of insightful information about my app I found there. And now this new feature will help me to understanding the market and other players also. Amazing. Must have tool for app makers.


In depth market analysis


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Hey PH 👋, ​​ ​​This started as an internal tool for us to get a better understanding of the app market so we can share reports with our members, and over the last two years transformed into a rich research platform with exclusive insights. ​​ ​​I’d love to hear what you think about the platform and will be here to answer as many questions as I can. ​​ ​​FYI - we’ve got a special treat for you, subscribe before the end of September and mention PH, and you’ll get 50% off any plan for your first month 😸🙌