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I definitely like this. It's a database of apps and each app has its own page, where users can comment. You can sign up with twitter or email. I even searched a pretty obscure app, and it found it! It's also great for discovering cool apps... and it's ready for invasion, so let's head up there. (And pray it not be an obsession.)
@v4violetta Does it pull in App/Play Store reviews as well?
@objective_b Can't find any... but it pulls in press reviews and tweets. Store reviews would definitely be nice...
@v4violetta nice hunt Violeta :)
@v4violetta you just described Product Hunt!
@v4violetta @objective_b Not at the moment. The idea of Appew started as it being a totally new app discussion community. One concentrated on the dialog behind reviewing, not on the reviewing, for the rating's sake. I wanted it to become a community, where app creators and app users could chat one-to-one, not behind a wall of daily stats and numbers. A place, where new users would easily discover experienced ones, and learn from their choices. A place where the community effort helps take hate speech and trolling away.
It is indeed a great site! We listed Vound there a couple of months ago (when the app was still under development) and Preslav was too kind to provide feedback and make the app a featured one. It is indeed about the value of the service but when at the same time people make you feel at home, well, then it becomes special! Keep up the great work @preslavrachev!
@iangelidaki I saw you there, Ioanna! And I totally agree about being appreciated, a lot of people miss that step, not Product Hunt. I remember @rrhoover always answering my silly questions on twitter, even after he became way too busy. :D
nice idea and nicely done. I really hope this takes off. I've always had issues w not being able to respond to user reviews and too many of them just complain in a review and that's it. While some contact us through our support links, but that's probably the minority. We've also tried doing more developed app landing pages, including community tools, but that too wasn't used. So we've sinced moved to sales only landing pages. We'll give this a try, so thanks for creating it.
ok, after having looked, I would make one suggestion upfront, allow developers to claim apps so you can see all of your apps and comments on one page, and be the official response to users.
Hey Product Hunters, thanks for all the votes so far. Thanks to @v4violetta and @iangelidaki for the nice words. It's guys like you, the early adopters, who really make me believe I should be pushing this project forward! So, Appew came out to be a response to the current state of app reviewing. Reviews on the app markets are like stuck in the last century. They are mostly (if not entirely) text-based, have little means for starting a conversation, little or no means to rate the great reviews (and downgrade the hate speech), and last, but not least, no means for sharing the great reviews out to the world. As far developers and markets are concerned, a review is mostly equal to the numeric rating that users give to the app. Rarely does one sit down and catch up with the people who actually have something great to say, or come up with constructive criticism. What matters at the end are the number of downloads, and the average rating. I wanted to change this. To have a place where the people behind the apps, and those behind the numbers show their faces, and chat openly. A place where everyone, regardless of her app experience gets a profile, and gets the chance to share knowledge with the world. A place, which combines intense discussions, app recommendations, external media news reviews, and trending twitter updates - all in a single page. That’s Appew! A community page for every app ;)