The world's first 'Slow Dating' App

With the launch of Appetence, we want to offer our users a real experience within dating, recreating once again the most gratifying feeling that exist when it comes to seducing someone: the conquest.

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Hi Hunters! 👋 As incredible as it might sound, this story started already two years ago. After months of hard work, in December of 2015 we launched our first beta version. Six months later, we made the difficult decision to stop and focus on improving something so difficult to change as the concept of 'Dating App'. During all this time, we have redesigned and improved our idea 🔧 I am Camilla and together with my co-founder @jajajalonso, we are very happy to be able to share Appetence with you 🎉 🚀 How does it work? Swipe right, swipe left, swipe right, swipe left...These are terms that the users of any dating application identify their search of love with nowadays. In Appetence, everything starts with the conversation. There is no point in having an avalanche of 'matches' if there is no interaction afterwards. ‘Likes’ System Does he like something you say in the chat? +1 like Do you like something the other person says? +1 like Does he like your music, movies, hobbies, etc.? +1 like Do you dare start the conversation today? +1 like For every ❤ 10 likes ❤ you get, you can unlock one of the other person’s tastes and see another part of the photo. The conversation in the chat is as important as what information you have added in your profile. Everything is included in the game of discovery! As in real life, you will have to discover this person little by little, seduce with your best charm, and finally get together for a moment of truth; this with total confidence. The rhythm of discovery will always be for you to decide. All this is what more and more people are calling 'Slow Dating'. If you have some feedback on the concept or new ideas, please let us now! I’m happy to answer all questions you may have! All the best with love. The Appetence Team

The number of conversations between users was multiplied by ten compared to other apps like Tinder, OkCupid or Bumble.


The "Matches" belong to the past


Coming soon to Google Play

I would love to check it out but no Android support :(
Hi, @apples_over_oranges! So lovely to hear that you would love to try Appetence. We would also love to have you trying it! We are a small group of people with huge motivation and dreams, working hard on making Appetence available and suitable for everyone. We are currently working on our Android version and really hoping to be able to launch it very soon. Let's keep in touch and please follow us for updates. All best, Camilla.
@camilla_forsell I'll check with my wife lol. Seriously, let me know when you're ready.
It sounds interesting - weird, but attracting. I'd love to try it. Let me know on Twitter when there is an Android version :)
I'm intrigued by the concept of slow dating. Even if not dating, this layered platform surely may give rise to good friendship. From a product p.o.v - what metrics are you tracking? - what's success for you? Both people reaching 50 points ? - Is there any incentive for ur users to delay the gratification?
Hi, @amrit_aacharya1! And thank you so much. Now, to answer your questions; - If you with metrics refer to the actual number of active users, we have reached a number of 100k, and are extremely excited about seeing and experiencing a continuous growth in these numbers. - Success, I believe, is something relative. What exactly do you refer to here? More abstractly, I would say that success for us, more than anything it is to experience the satisfaction of seeing that something you have believed in and worked so hard for really reaches new heights. However, now referring to our users. More than talking about the 50 likes, we wish to see our users getting to know each other on a more profound level than on other type of dating apps. The likes are working as a fun touch to this game of seduction and the process of getting to know each other. We wanted to enter the world of gamification a little to encourage the interaction between two people; with this also to take a step out of the cruel superficiality that exists in the online dating world. - Yes, there are some incentives, however at this point not. We are receiving a lot of petitions from our users, and we are working on a couple of them. All best, Camilla