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@hscasey I can't stress enough that tooltips are a terrible way to introduce users to a product/feature. Tooltips, as a design pattern, are great at calling attention to a specific area while adding a bit of context. But they fall apart when used to drag someone through a complex process unless that person is already committed to following instructions (aka if they're being heavily incentivized). Appcues is different because we believe the key to our customers' success is to help them deliver great user experiences. By contrast, we're not giving people a bandaid builder, we're giving them their first taste into thinking like a UX expert. You can read more about my thoughts on that here: I don't know what POC means, but if you'd like to join the Appcues beta, I'd love to have you. Just email me: and I'll get you set up. If you're adamant about going with tooltips, here are other alternatives:
- How'd you come to choose your price points? - How do you plan to acquire new users?
<3 appcues. It's the best thing that's happened to us !
Smart. Would be great to see a bit more detail on the product when you land on the website, i.e. any current customers using the product to play with? Hard to really *get* it with a brief animation....
Hi there. @nbashaw recommended I do an AMA on Appcues, so I'll start with @daveambrose's question. Appcues is still very new, but customers seem to be hovering around two use cases: 1. Targeted introduction/tutorials. Onboarding isn't "one size fits all," and this is particularly true when your customers have access to different features depending on their plan. With Appcues, you can create different onboarding flows and show them only when certain criteria are met. 2. Feature discovery/announcement. Congrats! You just released a new feature. Now how do people find it? Email blast? Your blog? Those are blunt tools. Customers tend to use Appcues to drip features to their users based on history-based criteria. Aka, introduce the new Reporting tool only for users who have analytics data. The biggest benefit to customers seems to be speed, and Product Marketers seem to find this most compelling. They finally have the tools they need to do in-app product marketing, and they don't need to chase developers/designers to get it done (and done well). Anyway, AMA!