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Dave Ambrose
@daveambrose · Steadfast Venture Capital
@hijonathan going to play counter here, and just think of first run experience when someone lands on your site (FYI, I'm considering someone who is "new" to world of product marketing): 1. I land on Appcues, get an idea of what the product does and see two smiling customer faces who LOVE the solution to the problem. 2. "Hmm, I wonder what those two customer websites look like?" I ponder. "I'd love to see Appcues in action before I commit to submitting my email." 3. At this point, I need to think - which is something I'm maniacal about in first run uses, specifically, I *shouldn't* have to think. Like the on-boarding solution you're showcasing to the market - via this site - think of the on-boarding solution to your product itself. These will be the types of customers you're looking to capture (at the very wide, top of the funnel) relative to the easy, targeted leads that may come via referral, search, etc. Thoughts?