Appcues <> Salesforce Integration

Smarter product experiences. Better sales conversations.

Our integration with Salesforce is bi-directional—that means you can send user property data from Salesforce to Appcues to use for in-product targeting and segmentation, and send Appcues survey and event data to Salesforce for automation and analysis.
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Hey there 👋🏽, I'm one of the founders at Appcues and the guy in the video up top. I’m normally not the kind of person who lights up about a Salesforce integration, but I promise this one is different. In building it, we set out to make something that product folks would love as much as their go-to-market peers. What we came up with is an integration that helps both sides of the house deliver great user experiences: 🍰 Unlocks rich customer data for personalizing in-app experiences. 🏔 Adds key in-product milestones and survey data to Salesforce. Salesforce is just one of many data “silos” that companies have that could be used to improve the in-product experience. This integration breaks down that wall between product and sales, but we have many more in the works, so stay tuned! 🍿
Tying sales activity to user engagement is a game changer.
This is amazing!
Thanks, @sheree_lim! Looking forward to getting this turned on for the Tray team soon too!