Appcues is a product adoption platform designed to improve activation, drive adoption, and proactively educate users. With Appcues, anyone can build personalized walkthru’s, tutorials, and announcements—all without writing code.


  • Simon H
    Simon HDirector

    Beautiful tool that makes onboarding/adoption programs so easy to implement. Great for flagging bugs without sending an email blast.


    Two way sync of user properties between systems like HubSpot and Appcues can be a bit tricky, but Segment handles most of these now.

    Appcues is perfect for Customer Support and Success teams. They can write new content/messages, or flag if there is a problem with a feature on a page, without having to bother the devops team to deploy anything. This ability alone makes Appcues an absolute must.

    Simon H has used this product for one year.
  • Yoav Aziz
    Yoav AzizHead of Growth @ Yotpo

    Must have tool! Easy to use, Segment integration, amazing support, immediate value.


    Nothing serious

    I'm sorry for every minute that our product was without Appcues, I can't imagine how many users we lost until we implemented all of our onboarding flows.

    Yoav Aziz has used this product for one year.


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Jonathan Kim
Jonathan KimMakerHiring@hijonathan · Appcues
Hey PH! I'm pretty pumped about this one. ✌🏽 Jonathan here, founder & CEO of Appcues. Some of the community's earliest Hunters may know that Appcues first launched on PH as a tool for user onboarding. We've built a highly focused and effective product that supercharges millions of first-time user experiences every month. But we all know that great products don't just end the experience there. That's why we're taking things beyond the initial experience and into the entire user lifecycle. We retooled our product to center around a couple of new, fundamental building blocks: User Segmentation and Goal Tracking. With these two pillar pieces, you're now able to run Appcues experiments and see *exactly* how they affect your most important business metrics, and answer questions like: 🤔 How does onboarding affect D7 retention? 😍 Are power users still using our newest features after learning about them? 🤑 What best drives adoption of our "sticky" features? The proof is in the pudding. A few of our earliest customers have already been using the new platform with massive results, and they don't need a data science team to prove it. I could definitely go on, but if you're like me, you'll just want to jump in and see it first-hand :) Thanks for checking us out! If I can answer any questions, holler! 👋🏽
Tom Benattar
Tom Benattar@tombenattar · Co-founder @PixelMe
Awesome! Really love Appcues! As a growth guy, Appcues is for me one of the most helpful product to increase conversion rate (in my case in onboarding process). The funnel in SaaS (signup to paid) is really long, you need to improve each step and Appcues can help you with that! Congrats team, really good job! 🙌
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan KimMakerHiring@hijonathan · Appcues
@tombenattar thank you Tom! I couldn't have said it better 🙏🏽
Tristan Harward
Tristan HarwardMakerHiring@trisweb · Head of Product Design @ Appcues
Tristan here, product designer at Appcues. I'm pumped for this release, I think of it kind of like making Appcues a more complete meal. We had the substance—a tool to help you build in-product adoption experiences without coding—and now we're adding the whole grain bread around it: Segmentation and Goals, which help you personalize the right experiences for the right users, and then make sure they're really working. It's like an awesome Appcues sandwich. As a designer, I'm also excited about our new brand and new UI design in the product itself, so check that out too! 🍞🍃🍅🥓🍞 + 🎨 = 😋
Walter Chen
Walter Chen@smalter · founder, iDoneThis
this is big. great to see @appcues bring onboarding-thinking to every stage in the customer lifecycle.
Ty Magnin
Ty MagninHunterHiring@tymagnin · Dir of Product Mktg Content - UiPath
@smalter you got it! thanks Walter
andrea saez
andrea saez@dreasaez · Head of Customer Success @ ProdPad
Well done guys! Love this new angle, can't wait to give it a try!
Jonathan Kim
Jonathan KimMakerHiring@hijonathan · Appcues
@dreasaez thanks Andrea! Appcues ❤️ ProdPad.