Appcues for Product Adoption

Make your product easier to use. Code-free.


Appcues is a product adoption platform designed to improve activation, drive adoption, and proactively educate users. With Appcues, anyone can build personalized walkthru’s, tutorials, and announcements—all without writing code.

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I'm part of the Growth team @

We use Appcues as part of our onboarding/feature adoption process.

We're extremely happy with the results - feature adoption increased by 40% on average (few of them outperformed with an increase of more than 100%).

Our users get more and more value from our product and keep getting back which improved our retention rate as well.

ROI wise - One of the best decisions we took.

Highly recommended.


Great interface

Easy to use

Integrates with Segement/Mixpanel/Tag manager and more

Attentive support

Product getting updated all the time


Nothing so far

VP Growth @ Yotpo

I'm sorry for every minute that our product was without Appcues, I can't imagine how many users we lost until we implemented all of our onboarding flows.


Must have tool! Easy to use, Segment integration, amazing support, immediate value.


Nothing serious


Appcues is perfect for Customer Support and Success teams. They can write new content/messages, or flag if there is a problem with a feature on a page, without having to bother the devops team to deploy anything. This ability alone makes Appcues an absolute must.


Beautiful tool that makes onboarding/adoption programs so easy to implement. Great for flagging bugs without sending an email blast.


Two way sync of user properties between systems like HubSpot and Appcues can be a bit tricky, but Segment handles most of these now.