Quickly and thoroughly uninstall Mac apps.

Installing Mac apps is pretty simple, but getting rid of them and all the files they create isn't always so easy. Fortunately there are plenty of uninstallers to help with the task, and our favorite is AppCleaner thanks to its simple operation, intelligent feature set, and $0 price tag.

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10 Reviews5.0/5
I'm working through some spring cleaning on my computer and a friend recommended the tool to uninstall random dependencies apps had installed — it's super simple and just works.
Simple. Fast. Effective. Free. What more can you ask for?

Used this app for over a year and it works just as described. What's better is that I believe the application is still free, but you need to check me on that fact first.


Quick and easy removal


Might confuse resources and remove a similarly named application file, but it hasn't done so yet.

This is still free! I've been using it for years! (They do take donations if you like it)
I use this. It just works. And it's free. Recommended.
What happens if I removed an app and threw it in the trash and it's still running? Do I reinstall it and then trash it in this?