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Sunny Gurnani
@sunny_gurnani · Business Head, AppBrowzer
Kevin, thanks for hunting us. Product Hunt members, we are exited to be here and share our product with you all. Hope our technology and product adds value to some of you guys. AppBrowzer is an Instant App Store. All apps you see in our store can can be used instantly without downloading and installing. (Note: We are not affiliated to Instant Apps by Goo… See more
Sumit Hegde
@sumit_designs · Marketer. Designer. Dreamer
Great idea. The crucial thing is adoption. Good luck!
Ritesh Kumar
@ritz078 · Frontend developer
I see it opens the website and not the app. The name is very misleading if that's the case. Also why would i need an app to open websites ?
Goutam Narayan Singh
@goutam_narayan_singh · Appbrowzer - Browse apps instantly
The most important value add when we use Appbrowzer is the swiftness with which the app opens. No lag at all. Thus, even the PWA's seems to work smoothly and the native app experience is definitely as good as the original app.
@krishnan8727 · Co-founder @typetail
App Looks Great, I wanted to add few points, If we can rearrange icon in my app section as well as dashboard my app section will be good, Experience that I am getting here is the bookmark of websites instead of we rewrite the web views and make feel like native app that would be more awesome one.