Search stack for building modern apps offers an open core search stack to build, deploy and manage production search apps.

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Hi everyone! We first (accidentally) launched on PH in 2015 with a realtime ElasticSearch service. Since then, we have had a lot of first-hand learnings about the pain points of building production-grade search apps. All DIY and hosted search solutions today don't solve some of the most core problems out there around development experience, deploying to production, security and understanding usage metrics and content gaps. We have ourselves built some of the leading open-source solutions to address these gaps and thanks in part to PH, have a thriving community using them today. (See and This 2.0 update brings together these individual pieces in one platform while still staying true to our open-source roots. We have added better security Excited to see what you guys build! You can read more here:
A long time since I last touched upon Really glad to see how things are coming along for the product. I remember suggesting a feature to include Kibana ( and when I checked it today, the platform supports it (haven't used it though) :D Kudos to the team. Keep up the good work!
@singhpratyush_ Thanks Pratyush! Yes, it's possible to deploy Kibana now with Clusters -
Looks great, it would be a solution I would use for test-flights before creating a large in-house system. πŸ‘
What's new in this update?
@aaronoleary This update has been some three years in the making :-). With 2.0, we've made big improvements in the following areas: * Time to build: It only takes an hour from signing up to adding your own search dataset and having a search prototype app ready. * Libraries: We now offer libraries for Javascript, React, VueJS, React Native, Android and Swift along with the REST APIs. * Analytics: We have built analytics to help our customers understand the ROI on their search. More details are over here:
Great! Just a curious question, what library you have used for geo apps? Mpabox or google maps ? How does mapbox scale with your features so easily?
@meet_zaveri Google Maps, but we have also added support for Open Street Maps in the latest 3.0 release. @metagrover can expand on how we are supporting it.
@meet_zaveri We support Google Maps and OpenStreet Maps variant powered by leaflet. Underneath, both of these components have a parity of features w.r.t. to reactivemaps library. We extract data from ES and use respective maps API for map-related computations before rendering.
@metagrover Okay got it. Just wanted to know what's been used under the hood. I'll try openstreet maps as it looks stable.