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Going to have to look. I hope it does android screens as well. Save yet another step.
@golocalapps I haven't included one for Android. Would that be useful?
@mengto yes it would. For shops like ours, every time savings is a good one, and right now, our programmer does the android screenshots and my partner always wants to make them match what she does in iTunes. (So, yes please)
Looks similar to something we released a few months ago: Sketch to App Store. Nice to see more people developing these tools, as the App Store process is PAINFUL. :)
@mulligan Agreed, I just submitted an app and it was really painful. So many screens! Yep, it's similar to yours, except it has a slightly different approach. Thanks for your contribution as well, it was really helpful to get me started. :)
@mulligan Its so painful it must be designed that way on purpose. Hoops and hurdles to make sure you REALLY want to submit that app you spent 6 months working on.