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Copying not just the work of Apptentive but even the EXACT language from our blog posts and webinars for customers about this topic over the past several years is really quite brazen. See: http://www.apptentive.com/blog/r... For those of you who want support for both major platforms, several years of experience in the space and integrity, www.apptentive.com is just a click away.
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Robi, great minds may think alike on copy (I've never read your blog), but our approach on the product is quite different. We share your passion for solving the problem you're tackling, but we think there is a better way. SupportKit puts conversations with your users first. *Real*, *human to human* conversations between an app developer and his/her end users. We feel that a modal popup dialog that interrupts the user's app experience simply isn't the most effective way for an app developer to build a relationship with their users. That's why we designed SupportKit's review prompts to be interleaved in an ongoing conversation that begins the moment they launch an app for the first time. The end result is that our approach is significantly more subtle, personalized and driven by real human interaction. At the end of the day if a developer wants to boost ratings, there's no shortage of tools that will help them drive their users to the app store (or keep them off it.) However, if a developer wants to build real, fruitful relationships with their users - and ask for a review when they feel it's earned - then we stand behind our fresh solution to this problem.
@rganguly Competition is a nasty thing. But also makes day-to-day business more exciting, and its actually boosting innovation. I was Apptentive customer before and moved to Supportkit due to fact that SupportKit has nicer interface, more flexible way to connect with customers, ease of implementation. And of course @gozmike and team were always there for us, they even offered us help when we had scalability problems. What can I say, I love their positive attitude and how they are passionate about their clients, so passionate that they build relationships around that. One day I will marry them all :D
Hi Folks! We're really stoked to be showing this awesome new product we launched today. It's rude to interrupt someone. Mom taught us that. She also taught us to ask dad for the car only after we brought him a beer or mowed the lawn. Thats the Law of Reciprocity and we are using that law to boost your cred in the App Store. That's why we've designed our newest feature to automatically ask your users for a review at exactly the right time, without annoying them. Its seamless, subtle and personal to your users. Check it out and let us know what you think! Mike & the SupportKit team
Supportkit is pure awesomeness! We don't have a dedicated support team, so it's basically me doing all the talking with customers. Effortless communication, customers are impressed that a real person is replying to them in matter of minutes. I wonder what's next for Supportkit...
I love support kit! Been using it for a while. Have had over 500 conversations with individual users. We made it a prominent place where users can easily message us, which is what I would recommend to anyone still looking for product market fit. Thanks for creating it!
This is an excellent idea and would really help our in-app support, but unfortunately way too cost-prohibitive for us :-( (free community news app /w over 80K monthly active users) I love the Slack support!