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#5 Product of the DayMay 18, 2015
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App Store Launch Stories are handpicked interviews with world leading app entrepreneurs. I’m the host, Paul Kemp and its very exciting being on Product Hunt. I have an archive of over 400 app founder interviews, so I know how to get the best from guests. Listen to this show and you’ll find out: - how to get publicity for your app - where to focus your time and marketing budget - how to launch your app step by step - what resources and tools can help you To get your questions read out on the show, visit I'd be happy to answer questions from the PH community here or email me
@paul_s_kemp Sorry I couldn't attend this one, it was 4:50am my time (a bit too early for me to talk about ios). I listen to all The App Guy podcasts and really enjoy the new series about launch stories. Thanks for doing this, Paul.
This is very uplifting. Thank you. I plan to carrry on the live event this afternoon PT - finishing sometime around 4pm PT (maybe later if I can stay awake) . Just visit and click crowdcast for the live event @fbara @paul_s_kemp
I'm biased because I'm one of the guests, but in any case I believe this to be a very useful resource for founders who are about to launch. Thanks, Paul!
great chat with you (episode 4 of App Store Launch Stories). The App Guy Podcast episode 301 with you is coming out this week @v4violetta
I have a live event today to celebrate being on Product Hunt. or . I'm happy to answer any questions you have about apps or launches, happy to help out anyone who has an app to launch or excited to just say hello to the awesome people that make up Product Hunt :)
@paul_s_kemp would love to talk. Launching for here soon.
@paul_s_kemp has such an incredible collection of entrepreneurial interviews! Such a wealth of information and wonderful content. If you're an app developer, sign up and share your story! If you're interested in getting started with apps, you can't find a more inspiring set of people to encourage you. #juststart Thanks for everything you do Paul!
Cool idea! Subscribing to this one.
thanks @cpollo01 . Feel free to come on the hangout (if you are around). Leave a comment here and I'll show you how to join. I'm currently thanking Product Hunters live on air!