Also credits to @bentossell and @nicolasegosum for the inspiration. We've learned so much in MarketingStack.io and ContentMarketingStack.co (as marketers ourselves), and decided to create one for app marketing / mobile growth. Hope you guys also enjoy this!
Nicolas Nemni@nicolasegosum · Software Product Manager
@leslie1426 @bentossell Very interesting guys! Good job. One note: I would suggest you to remove empty sections.
@nicolasegosum @bentossell Thank you for the feedbacks! The reason we kept the empty sections for now is even if we don’t find any related tool yet, we hope someone would click the link if they have any suggestions (such as this page) And then we will update it accordingly ; )
Andreas Mitschke@andmitsch · I own a computer
@leslie1426 @nicolasegosum @bentossell I agree and I'd suggest make the "tip us" a huge button instead of that small in-text link CTA as also a side-wide button - make it more marketing-ish :D
Patrick Yip@_patrickyip · Marketing @EventXtra; Ex: @OneSky
@andmitsch great suggestion! we'll add this later on. :)