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We built this cause we needed it internally. There's a couple really high quality mobile marketing weekly emails (mobile dev memo), Ben Evans etc. but we couldn't find a place where it was all being collected. Hope other people find it as useful as we do.
Glad you're doing this, @mackflavelle! Several former PlayHaven coworkers used to ask me which industry blogs or people to follow in the mobile space. There's a lack of curation here and newbies to the space don't know where to look. How are you curating the community right now?
Would love to pretend we've got this really complex formula for determining member value, but that would be a lie. If somebody wants to be a part of it, then they are deemed worthy. Soon we'll open it up for anybody to join but right now trying to get the foundation of the community in place. The cornerstones. Smart people who will submit, participate and be cool. To be honest we have been inspired by what you guys built here with Product Hunt, this was incredibly well done.
I appreciate it, Mack, and empathize with you. I hate to not give everyone access but there are several product changes that we need to make to scale the community.
Daddy can I have an invite?