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#5 Product of the DayMay 09, 2015
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A few questions / thoughts about this... 1) only seems to pick up iPhone apps, iPad only apps aren't included 2) entering email address is optional, makes it look like it is required 3) how are size of screeenshots worked out? Mine are correct but this is telling me they are wrong 4) "Your app has not been recently updated", 23rd April not recent? Whats the threshold 5) "You have been including release notes with your updates. This is a great practice" < Everyone HAS to do this 6) "Oops — looks like the live version of your app has a lower rating than your previous iterations" < WRONG 7) "Your app is only available in 1 language" doesn't take into account App Store meta data localization
Faced a lot of the same issues when searching through messaging apps like Line2 ( and Kakao Talk. How is the search name length too long and getting cut off when its only 1 word?