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How is this different from I use them as they've got enough submissions to generate a reliable guesstimate. However, as others have noted, this is not a precise science. Apps can randomly go through the review process quicker or slower than others. On the whole though, the App Review Times figure +/- a day has been right the majority of the time.
@adamcudworth Actually didn't know about AppReviewTimes, someone mentioned it Twitter too. Will take a look. As I mentioned above, this is an older project that I resurrected, when I built it originally there was nothing like it.
Neat idea. Only thing is app reviews are not necessarily FIFO. For example, updates to popular apps will go through quicker than brand new releases from little known developers.
@bitario I agree, but better to have some visibility than none at all :) After new releases the queue times can vary a lot, so knowing how long other people have been waiting can give you a pretty good idea of how long you have to wait.
Sweet. How exactly does this work? How are you able to determine where it is in the queue?
@ghobs91 Unfortunately can't really tell where you are exactly in the queue, more of a relative thing. So if you we know when other people submitted, and when they move from "Waiting for review" into "In Review", you can get a pretty good idea when your submission is likely to get reviewed.
Like this idea! Not a perfect solution but certainly making something useful with what Apple gives ya! Guessing you need to provide iTunes connect details? I'm kind of hesitant to dish those out, but I know they let you set different admin profiles. Is that something that would still work for this?
@kristofertm You manually update the info, the community helping eachother out. You just add the details of the App. You don't need to provide any iTunes connect details.
I suppose some idea is better than none. From our experience most of our apps get processed at pretty much the same pace, so submit for review, wait 8 days, app gets approved. Our couple of pot apps, yeah, those took a while, but we figured that before hand. But Apple has been pretty good lately and even getting things approved in less than 8 days (which has always been my marker for how long they "should" take. Are others not getting consistency from apple submissions?
@sacbookreviewer It depends on when you submit. I've seen times vary quite a bit around product launches and holidays as you would expect.