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#5 Product of the DayOctober 11, 2017

App Cost Calculator is an absolutely free way for startupers or business owners to calculate their expenses on app building.

It is all pretty simple: choose the business you are engaged in and follow thesteps with clear-cut questions. As a result you will get a custom-built PDF report with all needed info to gain some insight on planning a budget

  • Jan Deruyck
    Jan DeruyckDirector Sales & Marketing, ITP

    Nice marketing


    The development lead times don't represent actual dev costs.


    Really great marketing tool, love how it's set up. But it gives potential clients false hope. Overpromising on lead times. If you look at the cost for developing snapchat on one platform, it's prob 10x of what is promoted.

    Again love the marketing stunt, but this is not even close to real life.

    Jan Deruyck has used this product for one day.
  • Julia

    I think it's really useful one for customers and sales managers. This calculator could save their time


    Waiting for full version of this calculator

    I think that dev companies should take a look at this calculator and also use it in their practice

    Julia has used this product for one day.
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Ivan Stepan'kov
Ivan Stepan'kovMaker@multique · Head of Marketing Department
Hey Product Hunters, We are more than excited to be featured here with our new product - Mobile App Cost Calculator. The 6-year experience of Cleveroad Business & Requirement Analysts and development teams combined with designer vision have resulted in App Cost Calculator you are looking at. We’ve been working on it for quite a while, carefully reviewing and analyzing customers’ requirements and expectations. Long story short, here are a few things the calculator allows to do: - Estimate an existing app or your unique business idea - Include the features you need most - See the project team structure - Control your minimum and maximum cost - Get a detailed PDF-report We truly hope our App Cost Calculator will be useful when it comes to planning a budget for mobile app development!
Julia Miheytseva
Julia Miheytseva@julia_miheytseva · email-marketer
I have just added the request to new app. How many time it will take to make it?
Ivan Stepan'kov
Ivan Stepan'kovMaker@multique · Head of Marketing Department
Good question @julia_miheytseva It depends on the complexity of the application and the features list in it. But I think it can be taken in 5-7 working days
Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
@multique This is a great idea, calculating development costs is so time consuming ... how do you account for the variations in different geographic regions? 💻
Ivan Stepan'kov
Ivan Stepan'kovMaker@multique · Head of Marketing Department
Thanks for the question, @abadesi ! First of all, we wanted to make the simplest solution for calculating the development time. To determine the cost of development, we took the average value of the market based on price and quality. Perhaps in the next update, we will add the ability to select the geography of the developers, but I think this can complicate the logic of the calculator.
Jan Deruyck
Jan Deruyck@janjeanjack · Director Sales & Marketing, ITP
@multique love the setup and how you created the calculator. But after 6 years in active app business development, I can assure you the estimates are nowhere near the actual lead times required to build the platforms you preselected. They might suffice to ship a 0.1 of a product for sure. I was hoping to see a calc that is not another marketing tool, but gives potential clients a real idea of what they're signing up for.
Ivan Stepan'kov
Ivan Stepan'kovMaker@multique · Head of Marketing Department
@janjeanjack Thank you for your detailed comment. I won’t argue that the estimate provided by the calculator is a very rough one and we indicated this fact in the comments on the page with results (perhaps we do not indicate this explicitly enough but we will try to change make all possible changes). Also, could you tell me if you have seen that the calculator makes an estimate for the MVP version of the application by default? This means all labor-intensive features are cut. Even without these features you can release the first version of the product. For example, if you look at the estimate of the Snapchat application (iOS & Android) (MVP), but for a full Snapchat application, with all additional features will be (also take a look at the pessimistic time).
Ryan Hickman
Ryan Hickman@ryanhickmam · Founder Epic.Ai
@janjeanjack I agree. We had this challenge where business teams measure timelines one way and developers/product teams measure it differently. Rather than use a huge switch to produce a timeline, we stepped back and looked at how we could be very detailed and apply machine learning based on data we gathered from customer projects and git... ultimately learning that most of the time the small details these types of calculators leave out make up 30% more of the timeline and cost.
Ryan Hickman
Ryan Hickman@ryanhickmam · Founder Epic.Ai
@janjeanjack @multique I think you are on the right track for the calculator. I would say that the persona of user who will interface with it is likely a business person and not a dev therefore many of the terms have a different meaning. MVP even for some has a different meaning across roles. MVP is viable product, where some believe MVP is simply a high functioning / high fidelity prototype. A great way to improve it is to put a survey out to better understand what people think MVP is vs Prototype so the language can change context and perhaps give better indication to audience. I'd be quoting snapchat at $2-3 million minimally. Again the business person see's filters, face recognition and all the details it offers so it could easily become misleading. I'd also factor in analytics, business dashboards/admins, etc into the pricing and questions...
Ayush Chandra
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Law Student|Tech Evangelist
Great stuff!!
Ivan Stepan'kov
Ivan Stepan'kovMaker@multique · Head of Marketing Department
@ayush_chandra Thanks a lot