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Plan your app development budget within 2 minutes


App Cost Calculator is an absolutely free way for startupers or business owners to calculate their expenses on app building.

It is all pretty simple: choose the business you are engaged in and follow thesteps with clear-cut questions. As a result you will get a custom-built PDF report with all needed info to gain some insight on planning a budget

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Howard Keziah
Andrew Linfoot
Jan Deruyck
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  • Jan Deruyck
    Jan DeruyckDirector Sales & Marketing, ITP

    Nice marketing


    The development lead times don't represent actual dev costs.


    Really great marketing tool, love how it's set up. But it gives potential clients false hope. Overpromising on lead times. If you look at the cost for developing snapchat on one platform, it's prob 10x of what is promoted.

    Again love the marketing stunt, but this is not even close to real life.

    Jan Deruyck has used this product for one day.
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  • Pros: 

    UI theme, wizard


    The time estimates for most things

    "Entering the Birth Date 4.5 hrs".

    Speaks for itself.

    Tim Shnaider has never used this product.
  • Alexandr Riabushko
    Alexandr RiabushkoAccount manager

    UI looks fabolous and numbers seem solid.


    More features would be great !!

    I think guys did a trumendous job, but I would love tp seem bigger variety of features.

    Alexandr Riabushko has used this product for one week.
  • Mayur Sojitra
    Mayur SojitraFull Stack Developer

    Pretty Nice UI and Interaction


    It gives pre entered estimated data nothing else not actual time estimation

    Nice move to get projects (Y)

    Mayur Sojitra has used this product for one day.
  • Julia

    I think it's really useful one for customers and sales managers. This calculator could save their time


    Waiting for full version of this calculator

    I think that dev companies should take a look at this calculator and also use it in their practice

    Julia has used this product for one day.