Find scooters, bikes and cars nearby on a single map

Aren't you tired of trying every single one of your sharing mobility apps just to find the nearest vehicle?
Open Aora, quickly view vehicles all around you on a single map, and switch straight to the right app.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone, I'm Jérémy, the maker of Aora. When in the need to find a shared-mobility vehicle, I find it inefficient to juggle between apps in order to find the nearest one. So I made Aora. It started as a small project, but here it is now. I spent a lot time in order to provide a fluid and beautiful UI/UX. Hope you'll like it ! Feel free to get in touch with me, I would be glad to discuss with you.
This is super sick, would have been really helpful when I was a charger!
@austinmeta Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate!
@jeremy_kabiche, congrats on PH launch 👏 Which all countries does this app cover?
Thank you @basheerak ! It is not limited to a specific country, so Aora should work worldwide. Let me know if you find a weak spot ;-)