Anything You Want

40 lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur

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@sivers ! SO excited that Portfolio is doing this reprint with you. I go back often to the videos that you made for the @thisissethsblog domino project version of the book. ( So many treasures. It was great to finally meet you this summer and I can't wait to hear about the great adventures you have ahead. Any differences between the old edition and the relaunched one?
@jamestodd no difference at all, James! It was relaunched with a big publisher a couple days ago. And deservedly so, such a brilliant book. Did you listen to the audiobook by any chance?
@hazzajay I have, indeed! I'm a huge fan of @sivers. In fact, one of the quotes from this book was part of the inspiration for a book of interviews I published a couple years ago. Derek's the real deal, for sure.
One of my favs!
Derek just did an interview with @jonnastor if anyone is interested: First 4 minutes is commercials for podcast sponsors.