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Compare Uber and Lyft and call the best ride with a tap. πŸš—

Anyride lets you compare Uber and Lyft and call the best ride in seconds. Save time and money every time you ride! NOTE: Android version coming soon!

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πŸ‘‹Hi guys, creator of Anyride here. Yes, I know there are other fare comparison apps. Anyride is the first to: 1) Give EXACT pricing for all Uber and Lyft fares. 2) Lets you call any of them with a tap! Trust me, I tried every fare comparison app available and really wanted to find one that worked. But none do (for reasons I can explain). Really curious to hear your thoughts, feedback, and questions!
@dougfeig Nicely done! Lyft/Uber have been known to combat price comparison. Are you doing anything unique to work around the terms of service, which prohibit using the API for price comparison?
@closoliv Thanks! Yes I am doing something unique to address this concern. Needless to say this is one of the biggest differentiators between Anyride and other similar apps of the past.
I've been using this since October or so and it has completely replaced Uber and Lyft for me. I've saved piles of money, both on big trips (taking a ride to the airport in the rain), and on small trips where I normally wouldn't bother to do a comparison, but I do with Anyride because it's so easy. I probably save a few dollars a day with this. If you use ridesharing apps and not Anyride you're dumb, honestly. @dougfeig how do you monetize this? Are you currently baking in a fee?
@coyne_lloyd1 thanks for being an early beta tester! No, the app is not currently monetized, and there definitely aren't any fees baked into the prices. The prices you get in Anyride are the exact same as the ones you'd get in Uber or Lyft. Beware one of the other "ride comparison" apps which bakes extra fees into the Lyft prices. No immediate plans for monetization, but my favorite idea is "advertising" in the form of subsidized rides to specified businesses. There's an awesome app called Freebird that currently uses a model like this!
@dougfeig relieved to hear that. I'm using this because I want the cheapest ride, so I'd immediately stop using if you were charging me a cut. Or at the very least, I wouldn't book through an app like that.
good product

Great idea!


Easy to use


Doesn't auto-populate your Uber and Lyft accounts

Thanks for your review! By "auto-populate" Uber and Lyft accounts, I assume you're referring to the step in Anyride where you have to link your accounts. We need this step because Uber and Lyft actually give different fares to different people. So the only way we can see _your_ exact prices (and call the ride for you!) is to authorize with the two services. Hope that makes sense!
So kind of like Uphail?
@cygnusseo yep! The difference is that Uphail's Uber/Lyft price estimates are very inaccurate and useless, while Anyride's are exact and useful! As a test, I just entered my daily commute into Anyride and Uphail. Uphail said Lyft is "$10-$12" and UberX is also "$10-$12" πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Anyride says Lyft standard is $13.63 and UberX is $14.03. So you know exactly which one to pick, and you can actually call it just by tapping the fare! There are actually a handful of apps like Uphail with inexact, useless fare estimates. The only other one with exact fare estimates is Bellhop, but Bellhop bakes a fee into some of their fares so it's not a good app to use if you're trying to save money!