Scrape web data without any code, just click what you see.

AnyPicker is a visual web crawler. Setting the web data scraping rules super easily, just click what you see on website.
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A basic captcha cracker would be nice.
Just what I was looking for, thank you! Plans to have an export to JSON capability? and/or export to database (MySQL, MongoDB. PgSQL) ??
@nickpse The scraping result could be downloaded as a CSV file. Maybe some DB manage tools with UI could import CSV file, those tools like Positico. Maybe we could provide a feature to download the result as an SQL file. As export to JSON capability, we could provide a feature to generate a JSON file, but the JSON schema maybe is not flexible for everyone to use, have any ideas about the JSON schema?
"Why we build a visual web scraper?" the whole story is published on Medium at In brief, we focus on the fields below. Setting Extraction Rules Visualized. Creating and editing xpaths in web crawler is a really boring job. We want to make it more easier by just clicking what you see on the target website. Preview Scrapping Result In Realtime. The xpaths, also as extraction rules, has defined is hard to be tested, it always has to wait until the data scraping job is finished. Maybe it wastes several hours if the rules defined was incorrect. We provide a realtime result monitor to check the result as the task begin to run. Reduce the Costs. We run the scraping task in your local web browser, it is no need to simulate as a real user, it is a real user. It passes through the anti-web-crawler strategy easily, and no need to build an IPs pool. That means it significantly reduce the costs! Protect Your Website Account. As running in your local web browser, there is no need to worry about exploring the website username and password. It protects your privacy. Scrapping Multi Pages At the Same Time. Even if it is running on your local browser, AnyPicker still runs the scraping task super fast! Because AnyPicker could scrape several pages at the same time, it is also called proxies in some other server based crawler services. And we reduce the costs significantly.
Can I put in input from a range of say court case numbers?
@tim_clemans1 Currently it can't, but we are working on this feature now, it will be released on next version.
@ryang thank you! please email when it's implemented
I'm gonna try it right away! Good luck with it!