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What happened to the good old days, when websites used to tell you what the business did, and why you should buy into it? Perhaps someone who's upvoted it can explain what they do?
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@dotcomdude That's pretty simple actually. It inserts documents/mails/contacts/notes/... related to the contact who sent you an email inside your gmail inbox.
Great work :) Awsome tool LinkedIN not working.
@rawshashank sadly LinkedIn closed its API :( we've removed LinkedIn support for now.
LinkedIn's entire model seems more and more to be based on the fear of being disrupted. @neamar @rawshashank
504 Gateway Time-out
@neobeppe yep we're working on it, it may appear from time to time. Quite a heavy spike ;)
From the screenshots I cannot tell if you guys have Gmail/Inbox side-panel integration, but definitely using seems a must for your product
@ompemi Hi, I'm the main developer behind the chrome extension (not the API itself). We are as you said injecting a side panel in the email view, and we indeed found out the existence of the Inbox SDK a couple days ago and are definitely planning to use it at some point. For now our main focus is scaling properly to provide a great service to all new users.