Let's flip the rules of dating. Girls make the first move.

Great concept, terrible name!
@jayneely i totally agree. Also, great copywriting.
Wyldfire is trying something similar but it's just so hard to build network effects for these to succeed. That said, I like the idea of "sitting back and relaxing" as their site copy describes. There are several other dating apps in this collection.
@rrhoover cool, will need to add all of those to my #BigDating collection!
@rrhoover The network effect is a real concern. I am curious to see how people respond to Instagram photos instead of FB photos. I wonder if a more curated, filtered online existence will influence women to reach out more to good photos instead of people :P
@rrhoover @bosefina Which would be the more curated of those two options?
@rrhoover @staringispolite Instagram of course. A filtered existence in the best creative editing tools = winning combo
@rrhoover @bosefina Interesting! I filter FB photos way more than I do IG. #doingitwrong. +1 to IG's editing - so happy when they added the "pro" sliders on top of just filters.
Does their twitter feed strike anyone else as sort of strange?
@taykcrane Wow, that makes me way less excited about the company
Curious: Antidate [removes] the male gaze component altogether. Female users are “hidden” on the site, leaving only male users visible. Ergo, women are then encouraged to make the first move."
What a genius idea!