Anti Ordinary A1

The beanie that's as safe as a helmet. 🎩 🧢 👒

It's a beanie that is as safe as a helmet. Meet Anti Ordinary A1 is the most comfortable helmet you'll wear to date.

Our proprietary system uses non-newtonian materials to keep it 1 inch thick while outperforming all other traditional helmet materials such as EPS and EPP.

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Looks interesting. Can you add more info about "non-newtonian" stuff?
@meaghanpi88 Sure! Thanks for your question. Non Newtonian materials are materials that have this peculiar molecular structure that means they are soft and rubbery in a natural state, but then harden on impact. This has been traditionally used as ‘armour’ for motorbike riders and others, but in their natural state they are not able to absorb enough force to pass helmet safety requirements. We’ve combined Non-Newtonian materials into our own patented system that makes use of all their best properties (like flexibility), while still being really safe!
What is the price? and shipping dates.
@rolloro799, great question. The prices starts at $165 AUD for the helmets, and they will be shipping from October this year, ready for the northern hemisphere ski season :)
How small can you go with this? Can you fold it inside a backpack?
@mercedesoce77, Yes, absolutely! It fold completely flat on itself, so it will fit pretty much every backpack!
Hi, everyone! 👋 First off, big thanks for your interest in our product 🚀! It all started in 2016 when back in 2016 when our CEO ROB removed his bulky and uncomfortable helmet while skiing and had the crash. That is where the pursuit of the most comfortable helmet ever built started. Anti Ordinary is the world’s first soft, safe helmet, that couples the safety we all need with comfort and looks we all love. This is not a beanie slipped over a Helmet! Our proprietary system uses non-newtonian materials to keep it 1 inch thick while outperforming all other traditional helmet materials such as EPS and EPP. Why non-Newtonian materials? Non-Newtonian materias have shear-thickening properties. This means they're generally soft and rubbery but stiffen on impact. If you're into action sports gear, you've probably seen this type of material in back protectors, elbow guards and shin guards for pedal sports and motorcycling. Our soft shell design promotes elasticity and conforms to your head perfectly. Fit and comfort go hand-in-hand. If a helmet doesn't fit, it's not going to be comfortable. Also, We selected high-quality merino wool for the inner layer which is like clouds for your head. Why Kickstarter? We are not using the Kickstarter to fund our prototypes or our R&D; we're using it to support our final tooling and production. We have fantastic investors that have covered those initial costs. Our Kickstarter will help us fund the final tooling of the helmets, so we can gain our final approval for the international standards and get them to you ASAP! Back us now and let us know your feedback 🙏
Creator, can you share more impact and safety information?
@elysevvan66, HI Elyse, the impact absorption material is a proprietary mix of non-newtonian materials. Essentially these materials traditionally start off soft, then go hard in an impact. However, they naturally do not have a good enough force absorption proline to be used in a helmet. That’s why we developed our technology, that puts these materials into a matrix to allow them to absorb force really well. The helmet will pass the EN1077 and ATSM F2040 standards, as all other alpine helmets are required.
@elysevvan66 @nicholas_wickman ... Alo Nicholas, the testing we have done has exceeded the EN1077 drop test, but until we have a full production run of helmets to test for all the certification tests (in large numbers) then we cannot say it is currently certified. But, we will not ever ship a helmet that isn’t certified!
@elysevvan66 @bernardo_duque_carreira Very cool, thank you for your answer Bernardo. Good luck.