Music app that plays the National Anthem when you kneel

Anthem is a music app that plays The Star-Spangled Banner (better known as the National Anthem) whenever you kneel.

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Hey Product Hunt, We believe that kneeling during the national anthem is a form of patriotism, not a sign of disrespect. We built Anthem in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick's movement, to create a symbol that ties together the "act of kneeling" with the "playing of The Star-Spangled Banner." The tech is fairly interesting. We trained a custom ML model to detect a 'kneel,' among other things. But this isn't really about the tech. This is more about focusing on the urgent issues regardless of what the news cycle is hyping, and putting people in power on Nov. 6 who will fix a broken system that perpetuates racial injustice (after the anthem stops playing in the app, you are taken to to identify your closest polling place). We're here to chat all day, but I'd encourage you to take that time to remind your friends and family to go to the polls on Nov. 6 instead.
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What exactly Kaepernick did for the country or anyone else besides chip promotion of himself! If you have an issue to bring up or disagree with something there is an appropriate place and time for that. He was making millions and still that wasn’t enough for him. I want to see him putting his life on the line for the freedom somewhere in Afghanistan. Useless and unthankful idiot!
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Just remember that the soldiers that died did so to protect your right to express yourself. I kneel for the cross and stand with my hand over my heart for the flag.