Answers for OS X

The #1 analytics solution for iOS, now on OS X

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Hey Product Hunters! I'm Brian, PM for Answers @Twitter. We just released Answers for OS X -- love to hear your thoughts!
@bswift what would you say are the top couple of features that differentiate it from other tools like Itunes Connect analytics and FB analytics.
@bswift does Crashalytics work on OS X too?
@shashwatpradhan @bswift Yes :) In addition to iOS, Crashlytics works for OS X (, as well as tvOS (
I was wondering if you could provide proof that it's #1?
@keithbarney Thanks for the question, Keith! You can see our blog post on the topic here (, which highlights the rankings done by SourceDNA (
Looks great, Brian & team!
I'm confused - Are you saying you have an OS X app or Answers analytics can now track OS X apps?
@otymartin Answers analytics can now track OS X apps