Anonymized Analytics

Truly private & secure event and user analytics.

Want to measure analytics while protecting the privacy of your users? KIProtect Anonymized Analytics provides the highest standard of anonymization while still giving you access to business insights. Build trust with your users and confidence in your business.
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Hi Hunters, We are really excited to launch our Anonymized Analytics product today. Our mission is to make privacy easier to implement for developers and data scientists alike. Some fun things about Anonymized Analytics: - We never store your raw data. Ever. - You can get up and running using our Javascript helper library. - Our anonymization process is similar to Apple's differential privacy mechanism for data collection - We are also the creators of Klaro (open source consent manager): What we hope to hear from you is: - What analytics do you currently use and why? - What metrics are essential for you in order to migrate from your current analytics solution? - What languages you would want us to build new collection libraries for? - What features would you like to see? Looking forward to the conversation and any feedback! 🙏🏻
Hey Kat this is awesome! Love the work you folks are doing. This is super important for data-privacy esp for US healthcare that are HIPAA bound and practically any tech company working on AI problems. Question: What are your thoughts around data-privacy in the US especially around the lack of GDPR like policies? California has the CCPA and healthcare industry has HIPAA but that's not enough right.
@ernestsemerda Totally agree with you! This is why we see so many expensive data breaches and security vulnerabilities in the U.S. market: sustaining a multi-billion dollar data security market. It unfortunately also means that a lot of smaller companies and startups see data security and privacy as a "nice to have." We don't believe you need to be a multi-million dollar company to afford data security -- this product and several more we are working on help even the playing field. While a lot of other data security companies are only focused on serving large enterprise, we want to bring data security and privacy to everyone.

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