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Have you wasted hours and hours to find a particular product or service that just doesn't seem to exist? With Animo, you tell makers, inventors, and entrepreneurs what you desire and how much you’re willing to pay for it.
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Hey Product Hunt, Steve here, creator of I’m excited to announce it here and hear your feedback! Let me briefly share how it started: ----------------------------------- Last summer, I was eagerly searching for an accountant that was experienced with payment platform Stripe. Secondly, he/she needed to be well known with the EU/Dutch tax stuff like MOSS and intra-community service reports. So, like a nerd-accountant who understands SAAS business. I googled my ass off for "+accountant +saas +moss" and simply couldn’t find anyone! The only thing I found was a couple of tweets of entreprenerds like me looking for the same. But I missed two things: 👉 How can you have Google find & index a page about a service (or product) that doesn’t exist yet? 👉 How can you group people with a shared need for services (and products) that don’t exist yet? Because wouldn’t it be great for - let’s stick with my bookkeeping quest - an accountant to know that maybe 20 people are looking for a bookkeeping service that’s not being offered yet? Knowing that there may be 20 potential customers could be a great motivation to start becoming an expert in Stripe + MOSS + SAAS! 🙌 And it cuts both ways because these 20 customers have found the service they were looking for. 🎉 Why the name ---------------------------- "Animo" is Dutch for enthusiasm/interest, so the perfect name for this. But honestly, all TLD’s were gone 😬 … except for farm. But as farm also means market, it was love at first sight 🤩. And kudos to Orson Welles! The story of Animal Farm is still relevant today, and also a wise lesson these days with mass surveillance and privacy evaporating. That’s also why I decided to use Blockstack for registration and authentication. (Full disclosure: And also because they have a rewarding program for developers using their platform, you may want to check it out yourself, both for better online privacy and hopefully a financial reward for you!) So, might you have any products or services in mind that don’t exist yet but you’d be happy to pay for it, please make it known and post it to Animo so others can find and appraise it as well. Looking forward to hearing what you think of it! Tech Stack: ------------ 🗝️ Blockstack - registration & authentication 🛠️ NuxtJS - SSR framework 🗄 DatoCMS - Content storage 🚀 DeployHQ - zero downtime deployments 🔋 Runcloud - server management 📟 Integromat - email notifications and posting new requests to Twitter
Awesome, thanks for sharing!
Congratulations Steve. Also, thanks for trusting RunCloud for the Server Management. I'm thrilled to have you on board :)
@rajendrazore Happy to be using your service! Though PHP seems preferred on your platform, it was also pretty doable to run NodeJS with your nginx customization options. +1
Gives me a smile on my face :-)