An Augmented Reality tamagotchi with the real wild animals


Play and take care of a tiger, panda, elephant, penguin or sea lion.

We bet you will be surprised of realistic appearance, behavior, voice and most importantly, feelings of a real wild animals.

Especially on Valentine's Day, Animar allows you to pat the animals with a beautiful love effect and feel their heart beating using phone vibration.

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9 Reviews5.0/5

Guys, I enjoyed every minute spent with this game. On my fresh iPad everything looks gorgeous, I believe with such powerful devices you can bring much more realism and mini-games. Also, please change UI on iPad or at least on big iPad 13. Maybe grid layout will look better for animals screen. Or what about combining aura and animals on the same page? Or please just add more content, I believe this app will be a great resource for educational programs!


EVERYTHING! Completely fresh view on tamagochi


This will be great to update iPad layout, on my 13' Pro 2018 screen space can be used in a smarter way

Thanks for your feedback. We are working on an Educational features now. It will be a big part of Animar in the future. We want to educate as well as entertain users. What kind of additional content would you like to see?

Playing this game for 2 weeks. I recently received an update where I can pat my animals! TIger is super sweet - behaves like a big cat! I LOVE THIS GAME! I would love more gameplay mechanics to be added, right now my game session is less than 15 minutes, but I would like to spend much more time with these animals


Games require you to actualy move around animal, and when you go around or far away - animal behaves completely realistic


On my iPhone 6S loads a bit longer than I want, but sure this device is pretty old to run such HD graphics

Thanks for you feedback. We are working on 3 new game mechanics. We are going to release them during this month. Please, keep an eye on new updates on the App Store.

I do not own an iPhone to check it out but base don video reviews and other people's comments I think its Good one


See the animals i love in AR


Nothing so far

I highly recommend you to become an owner of a new iPad Pro) I bet you will be very impressed of the quality of Animar content)

I hope to have a lot of accessories for my tiger. :-)


Animals are super realistic and very well designed. A tamagoshi like game is a perfect concept for AR.


Nothing so far.