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Srinivasa Raghavan
Srinivasa RaghavanMakerHiring@rs_raghavan · CEO, Animaker
Hello Hunters - Raghav here and I would love to answer all your questions. Couple of years back we launched animaker which has since hit more than 700k+ Users. It all started here: The encouragement and positivity you hunters gave us have fuelled our success so far. Last Year, we launched the full end Video Infographic app: This time we have come up with our new free animated vertical video making app. Quick Story: We’ve been getting 100s of emails requesting for a vertical video maker. So we did a survey consisting of 10,000 users from our mailing list. 73% of them believed the vertical video was the next big video marketing trend! But the time when the idea truly sparked was when one of our users from Israel created a Horizontal video using Animaker and later used other software to rotate it. We decided then to help our users by starting work on a First of its kind Vertical video maker. We would love it if you tried it & gave us some feedback.
Melanie Amini
Melanie Amini@themelamini · Founder Discovering Coffee & GossipMedia
Love love love this product!! I'm sending it to myself so I can explore it (and buy a package) first thing when I'm back at work. Love it!! I'll report back with my comments after I've tried it.
Srinivasa Raghavan
Srinivasa RaghavanMakerHiring@rs_raghavan · CEO, Animaker
@themelamini Thanks a lot for all the love Melanie :) That too coming from someone like you, its coffeelicious!! I'm sure you'll love Animaker. Can't wait for your comments after using the platform!
Alex Weber
Alex Weber@lecanardmalade · Marketing & Design
Love this! We used Animaker to make our videos and it was a pleasure to work with! I recommend wholeheartedly.
Srinivasa Raghavan
Srinivasa RaghavanMakerHiring@rs_raghavan · CEO, Animaker
@lecanardmalade Glad you love Animaker Alex! We decided to release the Vertical Video maker to give you that extra edge if you are planning a smartphone-marketing campaign. Let us know how it goes! Happy Animating!!
Francis Kim
Francis Kim@franciskim_co · Full Stack Human
👌 Great work! Added to:
Chris Schwartze
Chris Schwartze@chrisschwartze · Co-founder @ Urban Masterclass
I believe there's a spelling error in the sub title.
Srinivasa Raghavan
Srinivasa RaghavanMakerHiring@rs_raghavan · CEO, Animaker
@chrisschwartze Thanks for sharing. Updated by PH team, not sure we can edit it.