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Anghami is the first legal music streaming platform and digital distribution company in the Arab World region launched in November 2012 providing unlimited Arabic and International music to stream and download for offline mode. Play the newest arabic and international songs for FREE on iPhone, Android, and computer!

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Aziz Antoun
Hossam El-Gamal
Philippe Eddé
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  • Pros: 

    It's a great/easy app to listen to your favorite music and to discover new artists and songs.


    Working on getting more underground artists to Anghami's music library will definitely make it better.

    Anghami suggests special playlists made just for you every now and then which help you discover new music and artists that have your soul. Once you go Anghami, you can't skip a day.

  • Ameen Landolsi
    Ameen LandolsiJournalist

    Easy to use and it works very well (without bugs)


    They need a crew (team or center ) in all arab countries and in Us & europe

    Anghami is The Best App in The World , it's really better than Spotify and Deezer and you can find all the music types and if you did not find a song you can contact the crew easy and they are very kind and lovely and very respectful people

  • Pros: 

    The "go-to" for music. All day, everyday!


    Not a "con" exactly, but some features could be added (i.e: song recognition)

    Anghami is super user-friendly, with a huge music library. Easy access to so many different artists and genres (for all ages too!). Draft Playlists, share songs and listen offline

  • Pros: 

    Love the recs feature. It's honestly the fastest and easiest way to expand your music knowledge and enjoy more of the genres you prefer.


    not sure about this one. gonna say that i don't really care what my friends are listening to haha

    I also love the offline music "for rainy days" that i get to download when I want to use the internet.