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#2 Product of the DayMay 25, 2016
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Hello Product Hunt! We built Track to help startups manage their recruiting with ease. At AngelList, our mission is to help startups and founders in the most meaningful ways possible. When chatting with founders, we learned that recruiting remains one of their biggest challenges—and a surprisingly large number of companies still use spreadsheets and Trello boards to track their applicants. That’s why we decided to build a simple, free Kanban board for recruiting. I hope you love Track as much as the hundreds of startups already using it. Please let me know if you have any questions about Track or need help starting up. You can also reach me at p.s. I'd like to thank team for graciously letting us use their AngelList profile URL for our landing page.
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@cagriaksay @angel I've been using it pretty heavily for the past ~3 weeks, and really love it.
@cagriaksay @angel Hi! We've been using Track extensively, but since a few days applicants don't show up in the APPLIED board anymore (only if we click on Recruiting and then click on Applicants). Any idea how to fix this?
Well done, @cagriaksay. Are you using this data (e.g. the stage a person is at in the hiring process) to better inform AngelList's ranking of talent and how people are surfaced to companies? Any plans to?
Thanks Ryan! We are not using the data, but we may offer a way for companies to anonymously share data with each other. We’ve got a lot of ideas. :)
Drag and Drop Candidates?
Congrats to you and the team! I always recommend AngelList as a place to source high-quality job opportunities.
I've hired 2 people through AngelList. This is a great addition. Beats keeping track of applicants in 3 or 4 different places.